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Tell us about YOU!

Are you a Greek who lives away from Greece and miss the language, music and culture?

Are you a half-Greek who wants to learn or remember all about your language, music and culture?

Do you love a Greek and want to learn and understand their language, music and culture?

Are your parents Greeks who had to leave their country and now wish to return (physically or metaphorically) to their home language, music and culture?

Are you a musician or an artist who appreciates languages, music, rhythm, cultures and want to learn to sing new songs?

Do you find yourself in the company of Greeks who play and sing their music and you wish you could join them?

Are you a world traveler and yearn to learn traditional songs and dances from places you’ve visited or wish to visit?

Did music and singing ‘save your life’ at some point in any literal or metaphorical way?

Did you just fall madly in love with a Greek and want to surprise them with their favorite Greek song?

Do you have Greek friends and want to throw a seasonal party for them with Greek songs?

Are you invited to a Greek wedding and want to be able to fully join in the fun (all Greek weddings have lots of singing and dancing!)?

Are you a parent who would like to give your child a multicultural variety of options for celebrating seasons like Christmas, Carnival, birthdays, Spring, etc, by teaching them some favorite Greek festive songs?

Are you a language/ music/ art/ kindergarten teacher who wishes to include multicultural creative materials into your teaching curriculum?

Do you have parents with loving memories of Greek songs who long to hear them as a chance to revisit their long life story?

If so...


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